Hypnotherapy Training

Are you considering hypnotherapy training?

Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training offers

  • Multi accredited Practitioner training for those looking to practice hypnotherapy, either to start a new career or to supplement their current income
  • Accredited Foundation training for those who want an in depths knowledge of hypnotherapy for personal development or to use alongside existing counselling or coaching skills
  • Taster Days, try our training for a day, free if you like our facebook page or sign up for a our monthly newsletter
  • Continuous Professional Development courses for those already practicing as hypnotherapists
  • Supervision services for those in the early years of practice
Please see our website or contact Debbie Waller for more information.

01977 678593 (9am to 9 pm)


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  1. Hypnotherapy Training advantages will improve your capacity to help other people whether you utilize spellbinding in conjunction with other therapist strategies or it remains individually in your training. The truth of the matter is, regardless of what sort of work you do comprehend that the best specialists utilize mesmerizing strategies, however they may pick not to call it trance.

  2. I don't think I'd refer to hypnotherapy as 'spellbinding', in a therapy context or otherwise, but thank you for your comment.


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