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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Free Hypnotherapy Scripts

Having said my piece about the use of hypnotic scripts (here), I thought I would point you to some of the best free ones that I know about.

My choices are not in any particular order, so just wander down the list and enjoy. And don't forget that if you use these as a basis for your sessions, you should always adapt and personalise them to your clients.

Using or recording free hypnosis scripts

The fact that the scripts are offered free of charge does not affect the copyright of the owner, and some have terms and conditions attached. Often this means the scripts can be used in hypnosis sessions with clients, but not recorded. Please therefore check the T&C before using any of these free hypnotherapy scripts.

Using other people's scripts for recordings, whether free or paid, can be a difficult area anyway in copyright terms, so I'll blog you a guide about this over the next couple of months.

Hypnosis Tutorials
There are a number of nice scripts, on topics that often arise with clients; each script is shown in full on the web page, alongside a video of it being delivered. The free text version is complete and you can print it off, but it's 'read only' so you can't cut and paste. Or you can pay a small amount for a pdf version.
[link updated March 2107]

American School of Hypnosis
These hypnotherapy scripts are written by therapists connected to the American School of Hypnosis and are free to use in your client sessions. As with most sites which give away scripts, there are also script collections to buy, scroll down below the ad for these to find the free ones. This also seems to be 'read only'.

You need to register for an account with this site, run by Terrence Watts, but registration is free and once you do you have access to many free resources including some scripts. Terrence Watts also offers courses and webinars suitable for CPD, some paid for and a small number free of charge.

 Free Hypnosis Scripts
A wide choice of inductions, deepeners, therapy scripts and wakening. Particularly useful for beginners, as there are often several scripts on a theme, to use in successive sessions. These will of course require careful editing and personalisation as not all clients progress in the same way or at the same speed, but used as a template they can provide you with ideas in building an ongoing set of sessions. Some scripts on this site are collated from other sources, so be extra careful about checking copyright and T&C before using them. It's a long page, you will have to scroll down a ways before finding the links to the free scripts.

Key Hypnosis
I particularly like the way these scripts give you comments down the side, so you know exactly what each section or suggestion is designed to achieve. Really useful when adapting them, especially if you lack a bit of experience. You need to scroll down the page to find the free ones, as there are lots of ads for paid collections above them.

Final words

Does the author offer free scripts?
As yet, these are only available to my students at Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training, via my Practitioner course. However, I'm launching a new CPD website for hypnotherapists soon (at http://www.cpd.expert) and there will be some on there.
In the meantime you can email me to receive my Cinderella script for getting in touch with lost confidence.

Where else can I get free hypnotherapy scripts?
This blog lists a few of my favourite resources. You, of course, may know of others: if you do feel free to post them in the comments section to help spread the word for those who so generously give of their time and knowledge. On this occasion, please include only sites which offer at least a few of their scripts free of charge.

Updating this article
If you find any of the links above are broken or no longer giving free scripts, please let me know. debbie@yorkshirehypnotherapytraining.co.uk

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Author: is Senior Tutor At Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training, which offers multi accredited hypnotherapy practitioner training in Wakefield and York, along with taster days and foundation levels. Debbie has written a chapter on working with IBS in The Hypnotherapy Handbook, aimed at students and newly qualified hypnotherapists and also offers supervision and continuous professional development (CPD) for those in practice. Please contact Debbie to find out more.

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