How to make a YouTube video for your therapy business

In these challenging times we need to think outside of the box to attract business, so what can we do? We could print flyers and walk the neighbourhoods posting the flyers through the doors. This may bring in some clients, but why limit yourself to the local area when you have a whole wide world to focus on?

This lockdown is international and making us change our ways of working. Opportunities for growth have arrived. YouTube has over 1.8 billion users every month. So, let me try to help you create a video at home, without breaking the bank.

You can do it!

Firstly, do not panic; you can do this. If I can, you certainly can. So where do we start? A camera would be a good place. No need for expensive cameras as most of us have a smartphone or a tablet now. They have a camera and can record videos. Problem one sorted.

Lighting for your video

Secondly, lighting is important, but again there is no need for expensive equipment. My first video was recorded in my sitting room. So, what do you need to get this right?
  • Preferably sit in front of a white or pale-coloured wall.
  • Try to ensure that any light is in front of you so that your face is not in shadow.
  • If the sun is shining directly on you, it may be too harsh and cause you to squint, which is not a good look.
  • Normal home lighting tends to make our skin tone look yellow so, if possible, try to record a video in daylight.
I recorded my first video on an overcast January day. As I live in the North of England, where it can be very grey in January, the lighting was not great, but you could still see me. So, not ideal but still doable.

The best way of establishing the correct spot for filming is by trial and error. Record yourself in various places around your home. This may include some furniture rearranging as you are going to need a chair in situ to sit on and, if you are recording this yourself, you will need a table or desk to balance the camera on.

Where to put the camera

Thirdly, the next important thing is camera placement. If you have a willing partner who can record for you, that is great. You can skip this paragraph. If not, this is the time to be really creative.
Once you have established the correct area for recording and moved the furniture around so that you can have a chair and a desk or table in the best place, the fun begins.

The camera needs to be in front of you at eye level so that you portray the image of a confident hypnotherapist. Plus, I think it more flattering than the camera looking up your nose or at your double chin, if you know what I mean.

I used a dining-room chair for my recording and had a butler’s tray in front of that. On top of that I had the following items:
  • my microwave grilling tray
  • an empty box
  • a new ream of paper
  • two books of various thickness.
And I am still not sure it was high enough, but I was never good at balancing blocks, or my expensive phone.

Initially, I suggest that you record a short passage to see how you look. Please try to be objective but do not beat yourself up because you think you have a “droopy” eye or a “funny” mouth. (My issues or concerns?) I try to remember that these are the things that make me special, so I am trying to embrace them. It is daunting seeing yourself in this way for the first time but be kind to yourself.

Looking good on video

Next is presenting yourself. I am not a make-up artist, but I applied cosmetics (a bit of paint to try and make myself presentable) as if I were going to an interview and, in a way, I suppose I am. There is no special lighting so there is no need for special make-up. Gentlemen, if you wish to try make-up that is your prerogative. Good luck! When I made my first video, it was a cold day so I wore a plain jersey with a bright scarf just to look presentable. I am sure that you all understand what I mean.

What should I say in a You-Tube video?

Now the basics have been done and we move on to the part I find difficult. You must sell yourself, because people buy people.

Think about what you do if you are looking to buy a new car. You do your research, after deciding how much you want to spend. You may even stroll around the forecourt of the local dealership to make sure. Then the big day comes, and you enter the dealership to buy your new car. However, the salesperson, who may be nice enough, does not resonate with you resulting in you possibly going somewhere else to buy a different vehicle, or maybe even a more expensive one.

So, tell people who you are, what you do and why. We are hypnotherapists because we all believe in the power of the mind and we have had personal experience of a hypnotic trance. We have also seen the benefits of hypnotherapy in dealing with so many issues, so tell people this.

Whilst I don’t use a script due to problems with my glasses, I find it is challenging with the varifocals, I suggest that you write a script with key words or phrases to help you to speak fluently.

Try to balance your script behind the camera so that it appears as if you are looking into the lens when you refer to your notes, instead of looking down at your lap, which is not ideal. Since the camera is in front of your script, this prevents you from turning a page so ensure your script is a reminder of your important points only.

Personally, I review the topic I want to portray in a video, just to refresh my knowledge. Over time we often forget pertinent details that may be important to a viewer. I normally write the presentation out in long-hand to help remember the information I wish to convey. For instance, I wish to sell myself as a hypnobirthing teacher, so I have done videos on what hypnobirthing is, and its benefits. I have also done a video on the role of the father in a hypnobirthing delivery as, while they are an important support for their partners, many expectant fathers do not know what role they have to play in a delivery, resulting in them being excluded from the birthing process.

General tips about video creation

Now for a few tips.
  • I often use a web page called Answer the Public, which helps you to see the questions people are typing into their internet browsers/ researching on the internet.
  • If you have Google Analytics that is also a good tool.
  • Background music is lovely in a video but remember there are copyright restrictions and YouTube just delete videos with music.
  • Ask your friends and family to review your videos before you upload, but do not take everything to heart. Take the advice that seems relevant and edit your video.
All of this is hard, but it is worthwhile. Yes, if you have enough money you can produce Oscar-winning videos, but be realistic, you are just starting out.  

And finally …

The next part is the most important, uploading the video to YouTube.  So, create an account and post it!

Good Luck! if you need help, please contact me via my Facebook page.


I am Sandie M’Crystal a hypnotherapist based in Carlisle, but not limited to this area, thanks to the internet. I have specialised in hypnobirthing, but have also worked with people with weight issues. I believe that hypnobirthing is more than a tool to birth a baby. It covers so many things and I believe empowers both parents. I feel that many Dads are left out of the birthing process and don’t know what is expected of them as a birthing coach, as a partner and as a father. So, in my classes, Dad is as important as Mum. Both parents' anxieties and fears are also dealt with using hypnotherapy. As the NHS is under immense pressure under normal circumstances it must be straining at the seams currently. So, the more people that can resolve issues using hypnotherapy is a benefit to this institution, and I am always astounded at how fast hypnotherapy works.Due to the current (COVID-19 lockdown) situation, I had to start making videos to try to advertise myself, as people buy people. It was so difficult at first, no video camera, no lighting, no one to hold the camera etc, and no self- confidence. The problems seemed insurmountable, but breaking down the issues to bite-size pieces certainly helped and this is why I wrote this piece for Debbie, to help others. 
Many blessings to you all.