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Monday, 19 September 2016

Are you worth your fees?

I'm often asked by students and new graduates whether hypnotherapy is good value for money. Many have not had to ask clients directly for money before setting up their therapy business and feel a bit diffident about doing so. They wonder whether clients will pay them the going rate or decide they are 'too expensive'. It’s a very reasonable concern, so I am going to look this time about whether we can honestly tell our clients that it’s worth it.

In spite of the numerous benefits that hypnotherapy can bring, many people view it as a bit of a luxury. I've said something like this myself - if it’s feed the kids or pay the therapist people will (quite rightly) feed the kids.
There will always be people who have to make that choice, of course, but most of those who approach us as potential clients can spend money now and then on themselves; 'retail therapy', socialising, holidays, drinking, smoking, take-away food, etc. A few sessions of hypnotherapy costs significantly less than a holiday, perhaps the same as a month's smoking or a couple of nights out at a decent restaurant, and it has a much longer term effect on your happiness and wellbeing.

Emotional benefits of hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can help people reduce anxiety, respond more creatively to stress, and get rid of phobias. Living with any of these problems has a huge negative impact on your life. I recall someone I worked with to dispel a life long phobia which affected her quality of life on a daily basis. Six months later she had lost weight, re-decorated her home and taken up scuba diving, things she'd been meaning to do for years. Once the stress and worry of the phobia had gone, she had more energy, time and 'head space' to devote to other things.

Physical benefits of hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help reduce the symptoms of physical problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and for some people it can help to control the pain of conditions like arthritis. Reducing stress has a huge impact on your physical health, as does relaxation, losing weight or quitting smoking, all lifestyle changes which can be supported by hypnotherapy.

Social benefits of hypnotherapy

People's emotional problems have a knock on effect on their relationships, family and work. Someone who has social anxiety, for example, may not be able to maintain friendships, or might struggle to deal with colleagues at work. A fear of public speaking can hold back your whole career, and affect your earnings potential for years. Someone with a severe flying phobia may have to choose between staying at home when the family go off on holiday, or feeling guilty because everyone's travel plans are affected. Resolving these issues makes life easier for the whole family.

Do you think all potential clients are rich?

No, I don’t. For most of my clients, committing the necessary time, effort and money to therapy is a big decision. What I'm trying to say is that there are enough benefits to make investing in hypnotherapy worth while, and the potential health and wellbeing results it can bring really are invaluable.
As a therapist you should bear this in mind. Charge what you are worth and do it with confidence, knowing that your clients are not just paying an hourly rate.
They’re paying for the training and expertise you have accumulated, the time and money you have invested in learning how to help them. And most of all they’re paying for the amazing transformation you'll help them achieve, one that lasts so much longer than a holiday or a night out.

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Author: is Senior Tutor At Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training, which offers multi accredited hypnotherapy practitioner training in Wakefield and York, along with taster days and foundation levels. Debbie has written a chapter on working with IBS in The Hypnotherapy Handbook, aimed at students and newly qualified hypnotherapists and also offers supervision and continuous professional development (CPD) for those in practice. Please contact Debbie to find out more.

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