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Monday, 11 July 2016

Working with depressed and suicidal clients

My name is Brian Turner, and I am a psychotherapist. To get onto the career path of being psychotherapist who deals with clients who have depressive, self-harm and suicidal issues is never a straight one.

In my own personal experiences, I have been in previous professions, be it the education system or the corporate world, and I have seen individuals who have been in situations which could easily have been addressed with therapy. The shocking thing for me witnessing this, is that there was no concrete support for these individuals. It was only when I went under my own personal traumas, and where I went through two life experiences which involve me being assaulted twice, being diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder, and undergoing my own therapy did I decide that this was the right moment to reconsider my life and to do something that was worthwhile.

While I was working a full-time job and education, what I then went on to do was trained to become a psychotherapist. I took weekend courses, and after I qualified I went into practice. I started by having a very wide practice, encompassing all areas, and being more of a practitioner that had not specialised. I found that though as time went on, I was really producing outstanding results and engaging with anxiety clients, clients with depression and other issues. As time went on, I therefore decided to change and be a specialist that spent more time with these clients.

It was around about this time, that I ran into Colm and he approached me with an aim to set up a nationwide organisation that would help people prevent suicide. I found the agreement to my liking, and we've been working ever since taking Stamp Out Suicide from strength to strength.

Working with these particular types of client is incredibly demanding, but simultaneously the most rewarding experiences. When a particular individual comes into your therapy room, they are at their lowest point, they are on their own personal journey and they need some guidance on how to help them through. After the sessions, you begin to see a wondrous transformation from their lowest points to then begin to stand on their feet again, and get from life what they want. It is like watching a human chrysalis at work.

It has been the most challenging, yet, the most rewarding experience as a psychotherapist to assist people on their journeys, to help them reach their own personal potential and guide them away from harm.

If you are like minded, and wish either to gain a refresher, or learn some valuable skills that have been proven to work within my own practice, I am running a course in Leeds on 3rd and 4th September 2016, which will be a one day workshop on working with depression and a one day workshop on working with suicide and self-harm. You have the option of attending both days, or just one, please click here for more information or feel free to contact me to ask questions. The early bird discount is offered until 1st August. Readers of Hypnotherapy Training and Practitioner can benefit from a discount, quote DEBMAG01 when booking.

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Brian Turner works as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapy supervisor at his Wakefield practice specialising in anxiety and depression.  He works exclusively works for the suicide charity Stamp Out Suicide and works as part of a team dedicated to promoting client wellbeing. 

Find out more at http://www.phoenix-therapy.co.uk/

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