Contributing to this magazine

Are you a hypnotherapist, a hypnotherapy student or someone considering hypnotherapy training? Do you have something to say or questions to ask?

We are always willing to consider well written articles of interest to our readers, so please contact us if you have an idea or article you think they'll like.

We have a few terms and conditions for what we publish, you are deemed to have accepted these if you submit an article.

  • You are welcome - in fact, encouraged - to put a brief author bio (around 200-300 words) including a website link at the bottom of your article, but the article content should be fun, interesting or informative, not solely an advert for your services.
  • Our research suggests the ideal length in our industry (i.e. the length most likely to get read, commented on or shared) is around 1000 words.
  • Videos will be considered as well as text.
  • Written content must be original and not already published elsewhere online: Google hates duplicate content and penalises both sites!
  • You need to own the copyright of any images you send us.
  • You agree to indemnify us against copyright action for whatever content you provide.
  • We retain the right to edit articles in minor ways to fit our house style. You can check them before we publish by request.
  • We will try to meet requests to publish at a specific time or date, especially if timing is relevant to the content of your submission, but cannot guarantee to do so.
  • We retain the right to publish or refuse articles on a whim!
  • If we are not going to use your article, we'll let you know so you can publish it elsewhere.
  • We do not pay for content of any kind.
Thank you.